Aerator Solutions

Axial flow aerators, mixers, floating decanter systems, and foam processing

Albin Pumps USA

Albin Pump USA is a leading manufacturer of Peristaltic Hose Pumps. 20 different sizes that provide flow rates of 0 to 880 GPM


Axial flow aerators, mixers, floating decanter systems, and foam processing


Pulsation Dampers, Pressure Gauges, BPV, PRV Calibration Cylinders   


Activated Carbon Adsorption Systems (Odor Control Systems) for passive ventilation, forced ventilation or high flow systems up to 20,000 CFM. Small Drum Systems a Specialty.

Charrter Machine

Gravity Belt Thickeners, Belt Filter Presses, Sieve Drums, Lime Post Treatment, Washing/Compacting, Classification, Conveyance and Mobile Dewatering Trailers.

CST Covers (Conservatek & Temcor)

Clear-Span Aluminum Covers available in dome, formed flat & extruded flat configurations.

Daniel Company

Air Pollution Odor Control Systems and Corrosion Resistant HVAC Systems, Scrubbers and Tanks

DMP Corporation

Integrated wastewater treatment solutions. Systems are designed to provide maximum efficiency with the most cost-effective methods. Removal of heavy metals or the separation of oils and grease, to the reduction of chemicals or organics.

EG Controls

Controls for Water/Wastewater, Float Control/Transducer Control Systems, VDF Control Systems, SCADA Control Relay, Solid State/PLC Based Systems


Liquid ring vacuum pumps, liquid ring compressors, Dry running screw vacuum pumps

GA Industries (A VAG Company)

Altitude Valves, Anti-Cavitation Valves, AWWA Ball Valves, Automatic Air Valves, Check Valves, Electric Check Valves, Float Valves, Level Control Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Sustaining Valves, Pump Control Valves, Surge Relief Valves, Solenoid Valves, Strainers, AWWA Butterfly Valves, Flanged, Wafer and MJ, Plug Valves. Cone Valves, Howell Bunger Valves

Gabriel Novak & Associates

Combined Sewer Overflow Equipment, Flow and Level Regulation Solutions, Sediment Flushing, Screening and Sewer Management


Back Pressure-Pressure Relief Valves, Cal. Cylinders

Jash USA

Jash Mahr Maschinenbau “MM2MM” Multirake Screens, Step Screens, Rotary Drum Screens, Traveling Band Screens and Static Screens. Knife Gates


.Static Mixers, Channel Mixers, Heat Exchangers, Steam Heating, Wafer Mixers, Engineered Mixing Systems to meet your needs.

Maid Labs

Mermaid Datalogger, hydraulic and electrical datalogger for Lift Stations for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting based on Volumetric measurement and motor efficiency analysis


Fixed and Portable Ultrasonic and Doppler Flowmeters;

Level Indicating Transmitters for Chemical Storage Tanks, Sumps, Reservoirs and Lagoons


2000 pumps set the standard in positive displacement pumping applications. Performance range to 4,500 GPM with pressure to 1,500 PSI. EZstrip™ family range of grinders offering solutions to solids grinding and sludge conditioning.

MSA Fixed Gas Detection

Fixed gas detection instruments, diffusion and sample draw sensors and controllers for a variety of different gasses

MSA Portable Gas Detection & Safety Equipment

Portable gas detection, fall protection, confined space equipment, hardhats and all forms of safety equipment

MWI, Inc.

Large Axial/Mixed Flow Pumps, Submersible Electric, Lineshaft Pumps, Hydraflo Complete Trailer Mounted Pump Station


Fiberglass Density Current Baffles, V-notch Weirs, Scum Baffles, Launder Covers & Troughs

Next Turbo

Next Turbo designs and manufacturers highest efficiency, modern integrally geared single stage turbocompressors for the aeration process.


Pinch Valves, Slurry Pump Protection, Duck Bill Check Valves, Expansion Joints, Pressure Isolators


Glass Fused to Steel Tanks for Liquids, Solids & Biogas


Flumes, Gates, Shelters, Metering Manholes, Stop Logs, Head Gauges, Flap Valves, Rotating Scum Skimmers


Top Entry Agitator Designs. Full line of gearboxes from fractional to over 1,000 horsepower. Torques to over 1,000,000 in-lbs. Technical expertise, application experience and market knowledge to select the proper drive for your mixing needs. Custom-designed systems available for special applications.

Pulsafeeder / Pulsatron

Pulsafeeder pioneered the hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pump principle. Our metering pumps are "tank tough" and have served communities and industries for decades. The Eclipse, Mag Drive Gear Pumps provides chemical feed or transfer, without the need for check valves and diaphragms.

Pulsatron electronic diaphragm metering pumps, peristaltic metering pumps, mechanical motor driven diaphragm pumps and all accessories to provide a complete system. 


Rebuild-It Services Group, RSG Services include rebuilding or the replacement parts of the following types of Equipment:  Clarifiers, Thickeners, Reactor Clarifiers, Drum Filters, Aeration Gearboxes, Trickling Filters, Sand Filters, Mixers and Many More. Specialists for Eimco & Dorr Oliver Systems offering OEM Parts.

Republic Manufacturing

Blowers, vacuum pumps, compressors, air knives, motors, and systems. Many products are available for immediate shipment. Republic's in-house staff of engineers can design custom options to meet specifications necessary utilizing state-of-the-art software and machinery.


Robox evolution PD Blower Packages and Robox Screw Compressor Packages

Rodney Hunt

Slide Gates, Sluice Gates, Roller Gates, Flap Valves, Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Composite Gates, SCUBA Actuators. Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Composite Stop Logs


Three-Dimensional Continuous Path Conveying Systems and Straight Conveyors. The ability to incline steeply and to make continuous horizontal, vertical and helical curves, permits a single Serpentix conveyor to replace multiple conventional conveying devices

SSI (Sealing Systems, Inc.)

Sealing Systems, Inc. is an international manufacturer and distributor of quality products for sustaining and maintaining municipal water and sewer systems by preventing inflow and infiltration. Our product line includes: chimney seals, joint wraps, chemical grout, manhole adjustment rings (HDPE & Rubber Risers), and manhole inserts.


Samplers, Open Channel Flow Meters, Area Velocity Flow Meters, Pump Station Monitoring Systems, Flow Loggers & Transmitters providing Wireless Communication.  Now including MGD for large diameter channels and pipes.

The Mastrrr Company

Chemical Induction Mixers for Open Channel or Closed Pipe

Troy Valve Co.

Mud Valves, Flap Valves, Shear Gates, Floor & Wall Pressure Relief Valves, Telescoping Valves, Valve Operating Accessories


RIKO® Plunger Valves, AWWA Disc Check Valves, Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, Cone Valves and Control Valves. 

Verantis (formerly Ceilcote)

Scrubbers, Carbon Fiber Fans, Tellerette Tower Packing, Incineration and Aerosol Removal


WaStop Check Valves

Wastecorp Pumps

Plunger pumps, mud sucker diaphragm pumps, sludge sucker hand pumps, trash flow centrifugal pumps, turbo flow submersible pumps, turbo flow vertical sewage pumps

WEMCO - Trillium Flow Technologies™

WEMCO Torque Flow, Sump and Slurry Pumps, Submersible/Immersible Pumps, Hydrogritter, Pre-Rotation and Self Primers

Westfall Manufacturing

Static mixers for mixing chemicals inside pipelines & Venturi Flow Meters for measuring rate of flow through pipeline.

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